Writing Center asks students ‘why they write’

Austin Sanderfield, Lamp staff

The National Council of Teachers of English has designated Oct. 20 as the National Day on Writing. Lincoln Land participates in this day, except they carry it on for an entire week.

This weeklong event has taken place in the Writing Center for the past five years. Laurie Myers, a writing center specialist, is the one responsible for organizing it.

Myers set up a message board for students to write on and finish the prompt, “Why I Write”, a prompt that the Council of Teachers of English has used for the past several years. They want students to think about why they write, not just in class but outside of class.

Myers encourages every student to upload to the Writing Center’s Facebook page and enter for a goody bag drawing at the week’s end.

A cut out of Edger Allan Poe awaits visitors who want to capture a selfie with the author.

Visitors to the Writing Center will find free horror- and romantic-themed books donated by the Land of Lincoln Book Share. This organization has been donating to Lincoln Land for the last two years. They take leftover books that libraries are getting rid of and donate them to places and people that need them.

Myers said they are a very generous organization that live up to their mission statement: “sharing the love of reading, one book at a time.”

The main purpose of this week is to spread and bring awareness towards the Writing Center. The Writing Center has six computers dedicated specially for students to work on their writing. The services are free with your tuition and are there to help all students succeed and improve their writing skills.