LLCC students share their opinions on the 60th Grammy Awards


Tess Peterson, Lamp Staff

New artist, best pop record, best hip-hop song and best album are just a few the many awards handed out at the Grammys, year after year.

Many people overlook the Grammys, but it does show the changing face of music and gives a chance for student to reflect up their evolving musical choices.

Lincoln Land studentĀ Montrell Oushey said he likes hip-hop artists who have more content in their lyrics versus the typical kind in the past.

Student Jhiel Mcee agreed with Oushey that the best music is the kind that hasĀ a meaning behind it (such as struggle, joy or love).

Elaina Davis and Brittany Reed said they loved Bruno Mars and his style of pop. Mars won six Grammys on Jan. 28, putting him in the league once only held by Beyonce and Adele.

This year has seen a growing interest in the musical genre of Korean pop. Groups such as BTS and Big Bang already have a huge following in Korea, and now Americans falling in love them too.

While K-pop has grown here, the country music scene has withered as a genre of choice among some Lincoln Land students. For the handful of people who like country music, the favorites were Old Dominion, Luke Combs, Brad Paisley and Keith urban.

All and all, music brings us together in ways never imagined. K-pop and hip-hop music have lots of similarities. K-pop group BTS even did a collaboration with Desiigner, a who got his fame through this big song Panda.