Saved by the bell

Blossom Smith, Lamp Staff

October 2, 2019

It has taken so long for me to even realize what I want to do. Now that I know the things that I would love to accomplish, I feel so revitalized. It is an amazing feeling claiming my education that I need to properly and altruistically...

Review: Ivas John Concert combines comedy and music in two set concert

Paul Watson, Lamp Staff

September 27, 2019

Acoustic music, singing, laughter, and applause filled the Thorne Deuel Auditorium in the basement of the Illinois State Museum.    Ivas John and Brian Curran performed original compositions and covered Americana songs, which i...

Tips for distance learning

Tips for distance learning

September 10, 2019

Opinion: How to develop your personal style

Tess Peterson, Lamp staff

April 20, 2019

Everyone has their own personal style; something that makes them uniquely who they are and shows off their personality in the best way possible. Whether it’s the accessories they choose or the bold statements they make with...

Review: Vagina Monologues evokes strong emotions

Rosanna Cravens, Lamp staff

March 29, 2019

Among the things I took from this year’s performance of the Vagina Monologues was a profound sense of camaraderie. The feelings of friendship, sisterhood and unity were simply infectious. The setting was somewhat intimate...

Student veteran shares story

Eric Shapiro, Lamp staff

February 28, 2019

Getting out of the military can be difficult. Most see the checking out to be tedious and confusing. But many veterans will look back at that as the easiest step down a long road of difficulties facing veterans. All the changes...

Student papers should enjoy First Amendment rights

Meredith Howard, Editor-in-Chief

January 31, 2019

As with any other field, journalists usually start developing their professional values during the early stages of their college education. It can be harmful to enforce unreasonable restrictions on what content student journalis...