Letter: Don’t label same-sex relationships as inappropriate

Shelby H., Letter writer

Dear Editor,

A specific part of Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” bill, known as “Don’t Say Gay,” bans the discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity from kindergarten to third grade in lessons. This bill would give parents the right to sue their child’s school if this rule is violated. While the education of same-sex relationships and gender identity is not a specific common part of a class’s curriculum, there are multiple things a teacher could get in trouble for in their classroom. This would include things such as children’s books that show same-sex parents. Other states are considering a similar legislation in which people fear would follow. This bill is considered unethical because of it takes these topics out of the norm.

Many people in the modern day grew up thinking that being straight is the only option, which caused some issues for members of the LGBTQ community growing up. Situations like these have had a great affect on their mental health because they may feel scared, confused, unwelcome, self-hatred, etc. Kids should be able to grow up knowing that love comes in all forms. People would label LGBTQ topics as “inappropriate” for their young children, but if they are being exposed to same-sex couples the same way they are opposite, there should be no problem. “Inappropriate” would be like explicit or violent content in which we can all agree does not belong in a classroom. Making LGBTQ a part of the norm in public school classrooms helps us to further progress as a society in which loving who you love is normal. Not talking about it is one thing; banning it is another.

Thank you,

Shelby H.