The term ‘Fake News’ is detrimental to democracy

Meredith Howard, Co-Editor

November 16, 2018

In February 2017, President Trump tweeted “The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCnews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American people!” What exactly is ‘fake news’, and is the media our enemy? ...

Thumbs down: Campaigns running attack ads

Emma Shafer, Assistant Editor

November 5, 2018

Thumbs up: To those who chose to spend Nov. 6 volunteering at the polls. Every election requires a team of people to work the polls from 6 a.m. until they close at 8 p.m. This group is an eclectic mix and is hired through t...

Our View: We need more women in politics

Emma Shafer, Assistant Editor

November 5, 2018

In recent years, there have been increasing amounts of women running for public office across America. In 2016, America saw Hillary Clinton become the first female major-party nominated Presidential candidate. Illinois also saw th...

Students neglect civic duty

Tyler Buske, Lamp staff

November 5, 2018

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 61.4 percent of eligible voters voted in the 2016 election. The turnout for voters age 18 to 29 was only 46.1 percent. Midterm elections, like the one this year, tend to have an even ...

Three reasons to vote

Niko Robledo, Co-Editor

November 5, 2018

Voting is not made easy, and there are a lot of hurdles to voting. The United States is riddled with gerrymandering, voter suppression and the official voting day is a Tuesday. That's difficulty by design. The odds are stacked...

LLCC profesor speaks on brexit

Paul Watson, Lamp staff

October 17, 2018

Chris McDonald spoke to about 60 people at University of Illinois at Springfield concerning the origins of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, the referendum campaign, election results, issues with separation strategies...

Book not anti-Trump

Book not anti-Trump

October 16, 2018

Young activists focus on connecting with others

Emma Shafer, Assistant Editor

October 4, 2018

On Sept. 22, Lincoln Land Community College students Claire Farnsworth and Ashley Broemmer helped organize an advocacy summit that was held at the Brookens Library Auditorium at the University of Illinois at Springfield. The ev...