Dunkin’ Valentines Day Menu Review


Nadia Giacomini (left) and Carmen Dillman (right) pose with Dunkin’s 6 new Valentines Day doughnuts.

Carmen Dillman, Entertainment Editor

If you’re looking for a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day, consider checking out Dunkin’ Donuts’ Valentine’s Day menu.

Nadia Giacomini and I decided to check it out ourselves and give you our input on the best doughnuts. On the menu, there are six heart-shaped doughnuts. We tried them all!

Chocolate-filled doughnut

The first doughnut is a chocolate-filled doughnut with chocolate icing. Nadia and I both rated this doughnut an 8/10. 

Miss Giacomini says, “It’s kinda rich.”

Strawberry jelly-filled doughnut

The next doughnut we tried was a very cute, strawberry jelly-filled doughnut, with the words, “text me,” iced right on top. Despite its pleasing appearance, we felt this jelly was a little too sweet, rating this doughnut a 3/10.

Chocolate cream doughnut

The third doughnut was a powdered doughnut filled with chocolate cream. We both absolutely loved this doughnut, rating it a 10/10.

Miss Giacomini described this doughnut perfectly, stating that the filling looks like Nutella, and I would argue it tastes like so as well.

“Apple pie filling” doughnut

Next was a chocolate powdered doughnut with as I described it, apple pie filling. Our main critique was, Why is this a Valentines Day doughnut?

Nadia says, “It could be like something like the Fall.”

Therefore, we rated this doughnut a solid 6/10.

Vanilla cream-filled doughnut

As for the fifth doughnut, Nadia and I slightly disagreed on the rating. The doughnut was powdered with a vanilla cream filling, which I describe as a vanilla frosting flavor. Nadia rated this doughnut a 3/10, however I rated it a 6/10.

Sour jelly-filled doughnut

Finally, the last doughnut was a sour jelly filled doughnut with pink icing and the words, “puppy love.” We were NOT a fan of this doughnut. The filling was way too sweet and frankly a little sickening. Due to this, we rated this doughnut a 0/10.

We both had so much fun filming this and we hope you have a great Valentine’s Day! Below is a video review and pictures of our experience. 

Link to video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjSNxzV9HHE