Chris Koorzen: I’m excited about these 3 technologies spawned in 2021


Promotional photo

The Framework laptop allows people to switch out parts easily.

Chris Koorzen, Lamp writer

Take a look a the top-3 technologies spawned in 2021 that I am excited about.

The Brain Interface

We’ve been thinking about brain computers since the Matrix released 23 years ago. Curiosity and a lot of research later, we have seen some interesting results. The Synchron Stentrode is the latest to make a promising case. The device connects to your brain vessels and reads a wealth of information, including impulses and neural vitals.

The main of the device is to monitor for brain health, but can be trained to interact with software. Yes, you connect to a computer and type with your mind. The promo video shows someone shopping on Amazon using only their brain, which is the closest I think we’ll get to making a wish and have it appear at the door.

The company Neuralink is still going strong with their research and boasts a “sealed, implanted device that processes, stimulates, and transmits neural signals.”

Brain technology is growing, and this rate we’ll be able to beam fart jokes into each other’s heads before 2030. Achievement unlocked.

Better maps

We have a better map! Gerardus Mercator’s map projection has been reigning supreme since 1569 – even Google Maps have been using well until 2018, before they finally switched to a 3-D model.  In February 2021, the Gott-Goldberg-Vanderbei projection gave us a better way to see the world. The three scientists released their projection method along with an interactive map on their website. Their model can be viewed with maps of Earth, Mars, the Milky Way and several other planets. And who does not like a pretty map?

Build-your-own laptop

The Right to Repair philosophy reached a milestone in 2021 with the introduction of the Framework Laptop. Anyone that’s ever built a desktop computer – plugging components together like LEGO bricks – will tell you how much fun it is. Especially when things go wrong. The Framework company aims to bring the same experience to your laptop, minus the pain. The device is designed to be flexible. With hardware choices abundant, and the firmware open sourced, the company delivers a product that allows complete customization of its functioning. It is a hobby engineer’s must-have.