Letter: War is worse than expensive gasoline

Ava Austin, Letter writer

Dear Editor,

The people of America are feeling the pressure of inflation, especially when purchasing gasoline, but Americans need to realize that the pain in our wallets is nothing compared to what Ukrainians are suffering.

One specific commodity that is affecting the lives of Americans is gasoline. In central Illinois, as of March 7, the price of a gallon of gasoline is $4.55. Exactly a month prior, on Feb. 7, the price of gasoline was $3.55. Using an equation to find percent increase (and substituting the values with 4.55 as final and 3.55 as original), a 28 percent increase can be determined in the price of gasoline over the course of a month. Recently, gasoline suppliers have declined to use Russian oil which has impacted the availability of gasoline. The declining use of Russian oil is due in part to the conflict occurring between Russia and Ukraine.

I have been hearing quite a lot of unrest regarding the climbing gasoline prices.  There are many out there who are complaining about the higher gas prices. We should be mindful of what those in Ukraine are experiencing. I think one way to think about it is that the United States is privileged in the way that we still have gas to purchase and sell. Of course, this conflict influences us, as it could turn into something bigger. Detrimental events are happening to all those in Ukraine, so we should try to be grateful for what we still have.


Ava Austin