A quick excerpt on gaslighting

Meredith Howard, Staff Writer

One form of abuse, or thing that often accompanies abuse, is gaslighting, in which one denies one’s experience.

Gaslighting “makes you question your perception of reality,” said Stephanie, a 24-year-old LLCC student.

Stephanie said her father would deny saying things that he had said to her, leading her to question her sanity.

Gaslighting is defined by Webster’s dictionary as “to attempt to make someone believe that he or she is going insane (as by subjecting that person to a series of experiences that have no rational explanation.)”

Stephanie said she has been inspired by the recent #MeToo movement, hearing stories that she believes empower women.

“Talk to someone about (your experiences),” Stephanie said. “Anyone. A friend, family member. Getting it off your chest can make a world of a difference. It’s a small baby step, but it’s in the right direction.”