‘A Way Out’ reimagines co-op in a whole new way

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‘A Way Out’ reimagines co-op in a whole new way

Jack Pugh, Staff Writer

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A Way Out was released on March 23, 2018. This game has so many things that pertain to it. It cannot be compared to one genre of gaming to another genre of gaming, rather it has created its own genre of gaming.

Without any spoilers, it’s easy to tell the game itself revolves around escaping a prison. Vincent and Leo, an unlikely pair, meet under circumstances that will forever tie them to one another. These two, complete each other, while Leo specializes in brute force, Vincent compensates with his wit.

This allows the player to interact with the story differently from character to character in the gameplay. Each character interacts with the same world differently and apart from another.

This game has to be played with a friend, not with some random player or not through a solo play. It has to be someone you can play with on the same TV, or off your friend’s list.

The whole aspect of this game is to explore, escape, and make your way through the game in co-op gameplay. It’s revitalizing in the gaming industry, it’s not some generic co-op.

It was very weird seeing a split-screen game. There was nostalgia to it. This whole system reminded me of when I use to play with my little brothers. Except, screen peeking is OK and allowed!

This game, from beginning to end, will be directed through split-screen co-op gameplay. It was weird getting used to it, but it was executed perfectly. It allows you to either player to see what your partner is up to.

This game centers around the story, co-op interactions, and the player deciding the events. It’s a very immersive game, one that should be played with a friend.

This game gets a 9/10. It is really well done, fun to play, and a good story, something most games lack in today. If you have $30, this game is worth every penny.