Suchland takes second chance, joins LLCC faculty

Sarah Black, Lamp staff

Colin Suchland says he’s proof that second chances exist.

He’s a sociology professor at Lincoln Land now, but he previously dropped out of college after stealing a football goalpost.

The Hannibal, Missouri-native recalled storming the field with his friends after his Missouri school won a home victory. They dodged the security and raced to the southern goalpost, he said.

When Suchland reached the goalpost, he turned around to see what he called a “human wave” of college students pouring out of the stands down onto the field. The excited college students tore down the goalpost and dragged it across the Missouri town to a bar where it was chopped into pieces.  

Suchland still has his piece.

Suchland said he was asked to leave his college because he preferred to play video games over doing his homework and studying.  

Suchland eventually returned to higher education, earning an undergraduate degree in journalism. He then worked as a journalist for a few years.

“One of the benefits of journalism photography is getting into concerts for free,” Suchland said.  

Later, he went to graduate school in sociology, or as he puts it, he went back to college for “science.”

The father of 9 and 10-year-old boys joined the Lincoln Land faculty six years ago. He lives in St. Louis and commutes to Springfield. He also has a fat cat named Oberon who lives with his parents in Hannibal.

Suchland remains interested in video gaming and computers. His interest in computers began as a child when he wanted to go into computer programming. Suchland said he would like to publish some work on how the introduction of technology has changed teaching.

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