Sports cancelled all over America and the World


Ryan Scott, Assistant Editor

All major sporting events have been cancelled all over the World due to the Corona Virus outbreak. March 11th is the day when all of the United States sports began to be cancelled. That night I was at a high school basketball game in Mt. Vernon and I was getting notifications about NBA players walking off the court. It also turned out that that was the last night of IHSA sports for the season as well as they were all cancelled the next day. Soon after it was found out that this was because Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz had tested for Corona Virus.

Once Rudy had tested positive the NBA announced it was suspending the season and only allowing active games to finish. Watching Mark Cubans reaction to the news as he sat courtside at a Mavericks game who he is the team owner of. He was shocked when he saw the news on his phone. The NHL had to suspend the season as well after that because they share so many arenas with the NBA teams.

That next day was strange, everyone knew the NCAA basketball was going to be postponed or cancelled. Many conferences ended their conference tournaments days before they were scheduled to end. Some of the conference tournament games began though. Watching the game go to the news studio where they announced that the Big East tournament has been cancelled. The entire NCAA tournament was cancelled shortly after, putting an end to all American sports at the time. This happened at possibly the worst possible time for sports fans. The NCAA tournament which millions look forward too was cancelled, the NBA and NHL were suspended and MLB opening day has been pushed back until at least mid may.

For sports fans all over America these last two weeks have been as boring as it gets, not only can we not go to any events like everyone else but also all sporting events aren’t on tv either. Hopefully life can go back to normal as soon as possible.