Interview: Riggle discussing COVID-19 impact on sports

Madison Bollman, Assistant Editor

Here are some answers from The Lamp’s interview with Ron Riggle, athletic director at

QUESTION:  What is, or is there, an official plan for all sports teams at LLCC for the 2020-2021 sports seasons? When do you believe athletic events will resume on campus?

RIGGLE: The NJCAA (Nations Junior College Athletic Association) has moved all sports, except Esports, competitive seasons to the spring semester. All sports, except Esports, will have a fall practice season, with limited competition. We hope to have athletic competition on campus in the spring.

QUESTION: How will this effect student athletes? Such as, their scholarships and if they are traveling internationally to participate in sport?

RIGGLE: This will not affect scholarships. We only had one international athlete and that person will not be coming to the US because of COVID-19.

QUESTION: Will there be any traveling restrictions? If a college or town is in an area considered to be a “COVID-19 Hotspot” will LLCC host or even, consider competing against that team?

RIGGLE: There will be traveling restrictions. No overnight travel. The college will be looking at all places we are traveling to as well as who is coming to us? If they are from a hotspot then we will not play.

QUESTION: If the seasons do resume, what is the safety plan for the athletes and coaches? Will coached and athletes be required to take a COVID-19 test to participate in a sport?

RIGGLE: There is a safety plan in place that has been approved by Sangamon County Department of public health. All athletes and coaches will be required to fill out a daily symptom check and health assessment. There will also be temperature checks each day.