LLCC students encouraged to apply for spring and summer 2021 graduation


Richard Bailey, Editor

“Students who are eligible for spring and summer graduation are encouraged to apply as early as possible,” said Kyla Cruse, the assistant director of public relations for Lincoln Land Community College.

To be able to take place in spring or summer graduation, prospective students must submit an application to the LLCC Student Records office by the deadline of their respective terms.  Students are also encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to ensure that they have the required number of credits to be able to graduate. Information about Commencement is coming soon. Application for graduation is mandatory and separate from taking place in the Commencement Ceremony (which is optional).

The application for graduation can be completed on the Logger Central website, or a hard copy can be submitted.

Here is a list of LLCC graduation requirements:

Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of course requirements as stated in catalog
  • All financial obligations to the college must be paid
  • LLCC grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.00
  • Associate degree GPA requirement – overall combined GPA, which includes both transfer work and LLCC credits, of at least 2.00
  • Associate degree residency requirement – earn a minimum of 20 semester hours at LLCC. This does not include proficiency, CLEP, or Advanced Placement credits.
  • Certificate GPA requirement – only courses needed for the certificate are used and must be at least 2.00
  • Certificate residency requirement – at least one-third of certificate courses must be taken at LLCC. This does not include proficiency, CLEP, or Advanced Placement credits.