Letter: Despite negatives in media, I found Illinois a great place to move to


Jose Hernandez, Writer

Monday, March 15, 2021

Dear Editor,

Devin Trubey ( Moving out of Illinois, 03/12/2021) reports that many people are moving out of Illinois during the pandemic. I happened to get onto another train in life that brought me to Illinois during the pandemic. I moved to the Land of Lincoln in June of 2020.

The pandemic had taken my job away from me, so I saw a chance to start over somewhere else. For a long time, I also felt like I was at a standstill in progressing with life in Dallas, TX. Every day it was the same faces, the same places. I was bored. I took a risk, packed my bags, and moved to Springfield. This was heavily influenced by my wanting to also close the gap between me and my long-distance relationship partner.

Moving to Illinois has become one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far. I have found purpose and enrolled at Lincoln Land Community College. I am currently working on getting my Associates’s Degree in Accounting. I am also starting up a small business this year to establish my photography services in the state. As more people get vaccinated for COVID-19, life will start to restore, and I will be able to thrive doing what I love again – being a photographer. At least, until I get my degree. People moving out of Illinois must have good reasons. Just the same, there are people also with good reasons that are moving into Illinois – like me.



Jose Hernandez