Springfield teens share favorite hangouts


Carmen Dillman

Best Park: Centennial Park at Bunker Hill and Lenhart roads on Springfield’s west side. Isaac Headman, left, and Kiki Frost enjoy the sunset atop Centennial Park Hill, where many young people flock for the spectacular view on clear summer evenings.

Carmen Dillman, Lamp staff

As the pandemic restrictions ease and young people return to hanging out, they’ve been finding favorite spots to meet up with friends around town.

Nick Holcomb, 18, a recent graduate from Calvary High School, said Centennial Park on far Westside of Springfield is one of his favorite places to meet up with friends. Others agree, like John Gryphon Kirchgesner, 18. He frequently sees friends there and at other local parks, such as Washington, Central, and Lincoln.

Another Springfield teen, Anna Curtis, 17, said some of her favorite spots for a date night include the Route 66 for the Drive-in, miniature golf course and various restaurants in town.

While parks and restaurants are great, many young people don’t feel fulfill their desire for a fun night out.

Abhinav Ramaraju, 15, a sophomore at Springfield High School, straight up says, “It’s just so boring here.”

He and the others feel downtown would be a great place to start making more youthful.

Many agreed that a 21-and-under club would be ideal. Seen in big cities and international locations across the world, teen clubs give young adults the opportunity to have a safe and fun night out without alcohol or drugs.

“Heck yes, I think that would be so fun,” said Brigid Fahey, 17, a senior at Sacred Heart-Griffin High School.

But, for now, these teens will have to make do with what they have. The gallery has a list of locations ranked by various teens from an Instagram poll of the best places to hangout in Springfield.