Addison Keeley: Look Back at The Lamp


Addison Keeley, Former Lamp Editor

There is no simple way to elaborate how I felt about writing for The Lamp. I would always get up very early in the morning, when most of my teammates would be asleep and head there in order to do all of my required work each week. While I was not always enthusiastic about putting in all that time, I constantly reminded myself about the possibility of receiving more awards and being noticed by somebody such as ESPN staff to elevate to a greater journalism job, and they certainly paid off in ways. I did not join the Lamp merely just to write or make any amount of money. I joined in hopes of enhancing my future, to maintain the ability of showcasing my talent in every paragraph and page, having others be impressed by what I wrote, and to positively impact The Lamp and Lincoln Land alike. In all honesty, I joined with hopes and wholehearted attempts of being the best writer that the Lamp had ever taken in. Whether or not that is true is subjective and I have no way of determining that, but I am grateful for what I was able to do for The Lamp and for what it did for me. Should it be at its end, I am thankful that I joined before it was too late.