140 classes canceled


By Madison Mings


SPRINGFIELD Declining enrollment forced the cancellation of 140 classes at Lincoln Land this spring.

Spring registration, which opened in October 2015, started with 1,500 class section, but a lack of student enrollment forced the 9 percent reduction in offerings when classes began Jan. 11.

LLCC has a wide variety of classes that students can take for their major or just for fun, and classes that professors enjoy to teach. And Some of those classes have been recently cancelled.

Although there were many reasons for the classes cancellation, the biggest reason was enrollment, according to Lynn Whalen, executive director of public relations and marketing, and Eileen Tepatti, vice president of academic services.

The big one is lack of enrollment and then their is changes in instructor availability.

Their will always be that class you are excited to start but with no one knowing about it of having a big interest in that course that can cause the class to be cancelled.

The cancellations occurred in response to a drop in enrollments. LLCC has experienced about the same amount of enrollment drop and cancellations in fall 2015 and spring 2016, officials said.

Some classes you take are required because of your major and if they are canceled, the deans will work  with students who need certain classes to graduate, officials said.

The dean will sometimes let a low-enrollment section proceed for that reason, officials said. Another way is the dean will work with the faculty in order to arrange directed studies for students who have to take that class that got canceled in a given semester.

Canceled classes do include professors, but no-full time instructors were affected by the canceled classes.

Cancellations can result in full time faculty schedules being adjusted, officials said.

But some part-time or adjunct instructors did not get assignments or had their assignments reduced because of cancellations.

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