Christian group is revived

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By Noah Miers

Lamp staff

Lincoln Land student Theo Graff hopes Christians can find a place to come together on campus.

Christianity is the belief that Jesus is the son of God and that he allows the mortal and sinful to go to heaven. Graff is president of a resurrected Christian group: Christian Student Fellowship

“The goal of the club for me is to connect with students of the Christian faith and those who are doubting themselves,” Graff said.

He said he wants to discuss and exchange ideas on the Christian faith.

The group is “a nondenominational group for college students to hang out with others who are interested in learning more about God, Christianity and Jesus. The weekly meetings will consist of 1. Getting to know each other, 2. Prayer, 3. Study a topic such as how do we know the Bible is true, 4. Discussion, 5. Closing prayer, and 6. Hanging out,” the group’s adviser, Chris Barry, said.

“The group is also based off of an older club that fizzled out”, Barry said.

Barry says that “The club has a good start, as many students signed up and provided fresh ideas that would expand the club’s options through an active event schedule.

It is also looking to expand on these ideas from unique and diverse perspectives on how to reach the goal of coming together in common faith”

Members have already met to elect officers and to “vote on possible events in the semester and sharing what interests each person has in the club,” Barry said.

The club is “a safe place with genuinely nice people,” one member said. “They get things done and don’t dilly-dally.”

That member said she also wants the club to help her faith towards others and learning how to help others in her community.

The club plans to meet on Thursday and Friday afternoons, so if you do have some interest either fill out your contact info on the cutout or sign up online at christian-student-fellowshipclub.

Noah Miers can be reached at [email protected]

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Christian group is revived