The past. The present. The future.

Alright, round two. This time I’m focusing on RPGs.


Niko Robledo, Editor of Photography

Due to the release of Monster Hunter: World, I’ve decided to make role-playing games the theme for this past, present, and future. I opened the vault and pulled out an oldie, a goodie and something I hope will be both.


The past: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Metacritic Score: 93


Shout out to H0wlrunn3r on Youtube for posting a remastered version of this trailer from E3. The original trailer looks like it was made with a potato.

This one is a personal favorite of mine. If you love the lore of Star Wars and the mechanics of Dungeons and Dragons, then KOTOR is the game for you. One-thousand years before the Galactic Empire, the Jedi brought peace to the galaxy by extinguishing the evil order of the Sith. At the start of the game, you choose one of the three classes (Scoundrel, Scout, and Soldier), later in the game, you will have to choose one of three advanced Jedi classes (Consular, Guardian, and Sentinel), as well. Your playing style is highly dependent on your class and how you spend your skill points.

I would personally choose the Scout class because of the all-around skills they possess. When it comes to my Jedi class, I pick Sentinel because of the class has a higher level of force points to spend on powers in combat. My favorite part of KOTOR is that multiple quests and encounters can end differently based on how you respond to dialogue and if you want to fight or not. The dialogue options are fully voiced and allow for fun and easy world building. That makes the game great for a person who is not into Star Wars, as well. The combat works just like the weapon system in D&D, having advantages and disadvantages for weapons by class, race or even what hand you are holding them in. KOTOR was a first RPG in the series of Star Wars games, and it delivers the full atmosphere of the Star Wars universe by combining setting, mood, and great gameplay, all while bringing the charm, lightsabers and beauty that we expect when playing (or even watching) a Star Wars title.

The present: Skyrim

Metacritic: 84

Bethesda Softworks

This is the E3 release trailer for Skyrim.

I know Skyrim came out in 2011 but since the game was remastered for the current generation of consoles, so I’m going to use this as an excuse to talk about it. Being the most recent single-player entry into Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim improved on the same gameplay style from its predecessor Oblivion. Set in the land of Tamriel, your character is the Dragonborn who gets powers from being able to speak Dragon. The main quest has you finding your destiny as the Dragonborn, but who actually cares? The Dragonborn quests are not half as fun as all of the faction missions.

Skyrim’s gameplay is personalized to each player so there is room for any style of play. Short Sword and one-handed magic? Got it. Long-range bow and a dagger for close-range stealth? Done. All magic or the classic sword and shield? Skyrim has it. My favorite faction is the Dark Brotherhood. The missions have a dark theme, and you get to meet a jester-type character named Cicero. If the Brotherhood isn’t your shtick you have an ongoing civil war you can end, a thieves guild, a school for mages or even an association of fighters to join. Skyrim brings a rich world full of fantasy and action that has been painted over 24 years.

The future: Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

TaleWorlds Entertainment

Here is an extended trailer with gameplay, so you can get a feel.

TaleWorlds Entertainment has this one in the works since 2012. Originally missing it’s target release date in 2016 and staying quiet through 2017. The game is an open-world sandbox with a medieval theme. The fluid horse battling and huge scale warfare was an interesting bit in the trailer. Taleworlds says you are able to side with factions and change areas of control due to what armies you support. All the while there are friendly villages you can explore and befriend. Mount & Blade seems like it will promote a very open-ended style of gameplay.  this will be refreshing since we haven’t really got a game like this since Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (or For Honor *barf*). Here’s to hoping it will make a 2018 release.