$18 million donation given for Ag program


Irene and Charles Kreher from Blue Mound, Illinois

Teresa Brummett, Staff Writer

When a loving and modest couple from Blue Mound decided to donate a little money to a good cause, Lincoln Land Community College was the winner. Charles and Irene Kreher donated $18 million to the college’s agriculture program.

The Krehers were farmers for more than 20 years and never had children. They had a passion for agriculture and education.
After the Krehers both died, it took about a year for their trust to finalize the donation.

For over twenty years the Kreher’s spent their lives farming and wanted to make sure that there was a future for agriculture here. So, to have Lincoln Land as the recipient is a great honor.

When student Ag representative, Dominic Ruppert, stepped up to the microphone, he thanked the Krehers for the donation. He also thanked the teachers here at Lincoln Land who has helped him with his future goals.

Helping students to complete their goals is what Lincoln Land is all about, Ruppert said.

When the executive director of the Lincoln Land Community College Foundation, Karen Sanders, stepped up to speak, she started off saying,“Today is a great morning of celebration.” Sanders also thanked the Krehers for their humble generosity.

Sanders gathered the board members and trustees up
around the podium. Sanders then said, “Now here’s the
moment you have all been waiting for.” They removed a cloth covering a ceremonial check for $ 18 million being given to the agriculture department here at LLCC.

The Krehers were farmers, so the family farmland was given to the college, giving the agriculture department more learning possibilities.

As part of the donation, a new Ford Hybrid was bought with Lincoln Land Agriculture decals all over the side panels to help promote the

With the current amount of 160 students right now in agriculture
classes, they hope with this money that it will help students get scholarships, which will be a big part of bringing in more students, hoping to double their program’s size within the next couple years.

Technology is another option, which would bring LLCC in the forefront in their department. Learning new techniques and getting to use new equipment seems to be in the classes future, such as combine simulators.

Whatever is done with the money in the agriculture department, those involved have a future that is looking brighter because of these modest and heartfelt farmers. A couple who didn’t want the recognition but just a simple thank you, Ruppert said.

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