Change comes from voting

Alexander Crawford, Letter to the Editor

Our government is more than just a president.

Congress is a major part of the government in America, yet it is rated very poorly by the people. Many people constantly complain about Congress and lawmakers’ inability to do what is right for the people in their districts. However, those same people did not vote in the congressional races, and let the incumbent remain, or elected someone that really shouldn’t be there. There is a fix for this. It is simple and easy: Voting.

I was one of those people who only worried about the presidential election and did not care about the congressional seats until I was all of a sudden working for someone who was running for Congress. Through this journey, I have had to really watch Congress, study lawmakers’ decisions, the composition of the group, and who voted in alignment with what lawmakers said or what their district really needed. Many times, our representatives do not vote the way their district expresses its needs. This is essential to being a good representative, yet so many lack that actual trait. This is why it is essential that as voters, we educate ourselves and vote for the candidate who is truly going to represent our districts.

Americans are constantly worried about who the president is, but fail to see that the people in Congress and the Senate are just as important. The checks-and-balances system needs the legitimate representation of the American people for it to work. We need to elect people to be our advocates in government.

I have only shortly been aware of the importance of this issue, and I wanted to make it known to others.

Alexander Crawford

LLCC student