Far Cry 5 Review: cults, explosions, and large maps

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Far Cry 5 Review: cults, explosions, and large maps

Jack Pugh, Staff Writer

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A month has passed since Far Cry 5 released on Feb. 27. There have been a lot of mixed feelings on what the game represents and what it had wished to achieve with its messages.

Ultimately, it’s a Far Cry game. Explosions, wild animals, guns and more guns, with an occasional messed up plot twist. Every Far Cry game in summary.

The game is centered around local law enforcement trying to subdue a prevalent cult in Hope County, Montana. The main leader of the cult is the “Father,” a.k.a. Joseph Seed. He believes he heard the voice of God and is prepared to save his people from a “Whitehorse who brings with him wrath.” One of the seven deadly sins.

His family is made up of Faith Seed, Jacob Seed, and John Seed. They are all close to the Father and are responsible for different areas of development in Hope County. Your goal as the Deputy is to bring them down, one by one, until you can bring the cult down.

This being a Far Cry game, meaning, heavily centered around user interactions and story, I will not spoil the plot.

This game also introduced a co-op mode. It can be played right after the early game tutorial is completed, and can be played until the end game. The only drawback is that it only saves progress for the host, not the host’s friend.

Since this game has been out, as long as some friends have already beat the game, it could be fun to have them play alongside you and free Hope County of the Cult.

Far Cry has also brought back its map creator and arcade mode. This allows players to create their own maps for online co-op or competitive online gameplay. It needs to be said, you have to either be familiar with it, spend a lot of time learning it, or purchase a book and enroll in a class on how to create cool custom maps.

That last part is a joke. Its features are super comprehensive. It allows the user to create really intense and cool maps, but for perfectionists like me, it creates headaches.

Please just enjoy the game, don’t get mad at a map creator like I did. Please don’t base your purchase of the game of the creator mode.

Overall, Far cry 5 has a really diverse environment, good music, cool guns, and an awesome story. This game is well worth the 60 dollars. Again, there can be political views in this game, but it should not affect the game’s overall feel. It’s Far Cry, it has to be extreme.

Far Cry 5 receives a 9/10.

On a personal note:

Thank you for taking the time to read my stories. This is my last article for The Lamp. Game on fellow gamers!

-Jack Pugh