Defensive errors cost Loggers game

LLCC loses 2-0 in soccer match against St. Louis Archers

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Defensive errors cost Loggers game

Scott Adams, Lamp staff

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SPRINGFIELD Following a victory over Scott Community College, the Loggers were looking to keep the momentum going on Sunday, Sept. 2, but a few defensive errors cost them that opportunity against the St. Louis Community College Archers.

Coach Peter Christofilakos said that the team was aware of the challenges as they faced the highly-ranked team. Despite the first half frustration, he like the overall defensive effort, but he was unhappy a few goals got through in the 2-0 loss.

“They say 95 percent of goals come from defensive breakdowns,” Christofilakos said. “And that played a part in both of their (St. Louis) goals.”

The first half did not go as planned for Lincoln Land with the Archers maintaining possession for most of it.

Goalkeeper Cale Sherrock stopped all five St. Louis shots on goal during the first 45 minutes The same could not be said for the offense however, as the Arches midfield defense stopped the Loggers from getting any consistent shots or passes going.  

 Additional, Loggers defensemen Jovan Radosavljevic suffered an injury to his left leg and didn’t return to the game.

After the game, Radosavljevic said he planned to visit his trainer next week about the injury.

The Loggers made adjustments at the half, including replacing Sherrock on the net with Josue Resendiz. They moved the defense back and moved out front Christian Fierro, the Logger’s leading goal scorer.

The strategy allowed the Loggers defense to contain the Archers’ offense, but that was not enough to stop an early goal by St. Louis forward  Ricardo Turcis.

Despite scoring a goal the Loggers offense was not deterred, and Fierro nearly put LLCC on the board.

But the early offensive surge weakened as LLCC started running out of gas in the 90-degree heat. Six players left the game for cramp-related injuries. Taking advantage of this, the Archers regained the dominant possession, they had in the first half, led by forward Ryan Khedoo.

More shot blocks and four saves from Resendiz kept the game within reach until Turcis put in his second goal of the match in the closing minutes.

The 2-0 score would hold, as St. Louis moves to 3-1 and LLCC falls to 1-2.

“They are ranked number seven for a reason,” said Loggers Forward Connor Novy. “They have a great defense.”


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