Tribute to Gerald Fischman

Loving husband shot in newsroom attack

Meredith Howard, Co-Editor

Gerald Fischman, 61, was the Editorial Page Editor for the Capital Gazette. Gerald shared his witty and insightful editorials with the Annapolis community for over 25 years.

Gerald was said to be meticulous in his work, but political editorials were not his only love. He wrote this poem to his wife, Erica Fischman, on the last Valentine’s they will spend with each other:

“I love you each day, honey, from the moment that I wake. And I’m going to keep on loving you until the last breath that I take.” Erica read a selection of her husband’s love poetry at his funeral that was held at the Judean Memorial Gardens in Olney.

Annapolis political figures also paid homage to this respected writer, commending his great knowledge of small town politics.

Gerald recently earned two honors from the Maryland-D.C. Press Association. One was for an editorial he wrote about censorship at City Council meetings, and the other was about a noose found at a Crofton school.