Tribute to Rebecca Smith

Meredith Howard, Co-Editor

Rebecca Smith was recently hired as an advertising sales assistant at the Capital Gazette.

Her family mourns her death intensely; she was only 34 years old when she was killed in the Annapolis attack.

Smith’s uncle remembers her as “a good kid (who) never got into trouble.” A survivor of endometriosis, Smith was a resilient young woman.

Eleni Stylianou, Smith’s colleague, says she considered Smith to be a close friend. “She was always so sweet and willing to help. She was a loving future stepmother to her fiance’s daughter.”

Smith was engaged to Dewayne Poling, and Poling made a heart-wrenching social media post after learning of his fiancee’s death.

“This cant be real… I will ALWAYS love you, no matter what. As you used to tell me “You are my human.” No one ever put up with or attempted to make me a better person like you did. I will love you forever… To the moon and back. I love you more… Til we meet again beautiful, til we meet again.”