Honors program hosts costume drive

Madison Mings, Lamp staff

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SPRINGFIELD— LLCC’s Honors Program held an event called “BOOtique” in the A.Lincoln Commons on Oct. 20.

Free Halloween costumes were available for children. There were 8 tables in total filled up with Halloween costumes and accessories for young children and infants.

The costumes were donated by the community around central Illinois.There was a total of 138 full costumes and 38 accessories. The Honors Program reported that 55 costumes were picked up during the event. People donated used costumes and bought new costumes for the drive.

Costumes included superheros, princess dresses with crowns, fairy wings, tutus and more.

The tables were separated for boys’ and girls’ costumes and there was also a unisex costume table.

The BOOtique was organized by Liz Davis, the President of the Honors Program.“It started as a class project and I wanted to expand it to this year,” Davis said.

This is the second year that the honors program has facilitated this community-driven event. Davis and two other students started it as a class project and Davis felt that it would be nice to continue it on as an LLCC event.

“I would remember the time that I wouldn’t have a costume for Halloween growing up,” Davis said about her reason to hold this event.

“It’s nice to be able to give back and have homemade costumes or name brand costumes that the children can chose from,” Alyssa Sammons said.

“The costumes that don’t get picked up will go to Matheny Elementary School where my mom works, and she will donate the costumes to the students there that don’t have costumes for Halloween this year,” Davis said. Every donation will be available for children to claim.

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