Inactive music club will sing another day

Paul Watson, Lamp staff

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LLCC’s music club is being reinstated. What was once the Madrigals Plus Club will become a club for all music lovers.

After two organizational meetings held Oct. 19 and 26, attendees elected officers and approved a constitution and the club’s new name.

The club officers are Dave Bourland, Ellie Ramey, Emily Slightom, music majors, and Skyler Dodson, a mathematics major.

Melinda Kaye is the faculty adviser.

The new club name is Music Performers, Patrons, Plus (MP3). The name is intended to reflect inclusiveness.

“Our name,” Slightom said, “describes the makeup of our group. Some of us are serious performers, some of us just like to support the arts and the plus is everything in between.”

The MP3’s constitution states the purpose of the club is “to gain further knowledge and experience through field trips and concert attendance.” Club members will raise funds to help finance their activities.

The focus of the club also extends beyond LLCC.

The constitution states MP3 is to represent the LLCC creative community “through service to the greater Springfield area.” It also stipulates members will perform, at least, seven hours towards fund-raising or community service projects.

Bourland said he had been interested in a music club since he started at LLCC last year.

“When I was approached by Emily about it, I was super happy to hear that something was being formed for those who appreciate music in general,” Bourland said.

“The music department itself is a fairly close-knit group, but I think it’s important to have a more casual setting where students from all fields of study can enjoy music together,” Slightom said.

Ramey agrees that it is important to share similar interests with others.

“I think the club would be a great opportunity to have fun, and hopefully experience going to concerts and music venues,” Ramey said.

Bourland also looks at MP3 as an avenue for personal growth.

“I also see this as an opportunity to enhance my leadership skills and spread how much I love music to the world and give others a reason to feel the same way, whether it is through donations to a school’s choir and band programs or through performing at senior homes,” Bourland said.

Kaye said students, who were not eligible for performance club membership, told her they wanted an inclusive music-related club. Kaye learned the madrigal club was defunct and initiated the process to resurrect the club to fulfill students’ requests.

Kaye stressed club membership is open to both LLCC students and employees interested in music.

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