Dance club expresses their “Seoul”

Regina Ivy, Assistant Editor

Natalie Sims and Srushti Uppuluri are founding members of Express Your Seoul.

Lincoln Land’s Express your Seoul dance club held a fundraiser in the commons from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday. Club members sold coffee and baked goods. The fundraiser was held in hope of raising money for the club to put on a talent show for Lincoln Land students to participate in this upcoming April. 

The club’s founding members, Natalie Sims and Srushti Uppuluri, said they have both been dancers for as long as they can remember. They said dancing has been a good way for them to keep in shape, relieve stress, and to express themselves as individuals. 

The group is excited to celebrate two years of dancing this semester. They dance to a variety of music from different cultures, whether it’s African music, hip-hop or K-pop, the group always can always find a way to express their “Seoul”.