Opinion: How to develop your personal style

Tess Peterson, Lamp staff

Everyone has their own personal style; something that makes them uniquely who they are and shows off their personality in the best way possible. Whether it’s the accessories they choose or the bold statements they make with their outfit choices, you can always tell right away what someone’s style is.

When I was young, I attended private school, so we all had to wear uniforms. This made it somewhat harder to find my own personal style at a young age. But still, there are always little things you can do to define your own style.

Some things I would do to stand out were to wear headbands, find cool shoes and eventually start to wear makeup. Then, in high school, I went to a public school, so I had freedom to wear pretty much whatever I wanted. This is where I found my personal style. I found that I liked to wear clothes that are cute and comfy, but also stylish and colorful. My favorite stores that fulfill my personal style’s desires are: Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Gap, American Eagle, and other local boutiques. Most of these stores are actually affordable and perfect for college students.

At first, finding your own unique personal style can be hard. Sometimes, we tend to conform to what people tell us to wear and may lose ourselves in that. But always remember your opinion is the one that matters the most. Another challenge is finding what you like in the first place. I’ve found that constantly trying new styles and different kinds of clothes is the best way to define your personal style. For example, if you’ve always worn solids, mix it up and try wearing prints or florals and vice versa. Maybe if you’re always in sweats and T-shirts, you can start by wearing jeans and then slowly ease your way into skirts and dresses. Always trying new things will help you figure out what you like and what you don’t.

Then, once you’ve found the personal style that is 100 percent you, you will be able to find your favorite stores. Everyone around you will be able to recognize you by your personal style. Finally, as times passes on, so will your style, and it will evolve just as your personality will.

Olivia Hoots, an Ag major at LLCC, described her style as Western inspired with a girly flare because she loves dresses and princess looks.

The defining moment for Olivia’s style was when she stared to really love fashion in high school and her mom told her “when you dress nice, then you’ll be confident and when you’re confident you’ll do better in school.”

Olivia says that this helps her feel more confident and also motivates her. When asked what stores she likes to shop at, Olivia stated that she is very much a TJ Maxx girl and loves to go there for all her style needs.

Olivia said that if she had to describe her style in one word it would be fun.

Olivia also loves using accessories to help her define her personal style.

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