Loggers Activities Board Presents ‘Coffee with a Cop’ in A. Lincoln Commons

Regina Ivy, Editor-in-Chief

On Tuesday, September 10th the Loggers Activity Board presented us with an event titled “Coffee with a Cop.” The event ran from 10-2 in the A. Lincoln Commons. While you were there you had the opportunity to grab a donut and a cup of coffee or tea and chat with a campus police officer.

The officers in the commons would like feedback from the students. “One of the questions I want to ask students is what is something that we as law enforcement here, or outside of campus can do to try and better the community and make things safer” Officer Alex James is concerned with not only being an officer but a person that students can go to if they ever need anything.

James was always close to his school’s officers when he was younger. “That is what really interested me in getting closer to the youth [of this community] and trying to keep them on the right path.” Officer James strives to be the good influence that he saw in his own officers as a boy.

“It’s really cool that the school does these events for us” LLCC student Emma Crumbaugh says. Most students are appreciative that the officers actually care about their opinion when it comes to campus safety.