Ag Building opens in groundbreaking ceremony


LLCC’s Ag students look forward to new building dedicated to their needs

Regina Ivy, Editor-in-Chief






History was made at LLCC on Thursday, Sept. 19. It was not just a regular school day for the agriculture students for Lincoln Land, for on this day, they got to be a part of a special groundbreaking ceremony of the Kreher Agriculture Center that will benefit all of the students.

“This new building means a lot to us,” said Alexis Carroll, an Agriculture student at LLCC. “The new technology and the new building (are) going to bring new opportunities for a lot of us” 

“We’re making history today,” added fellow student Hannah Carlock. “I feel like this new building is going to bring a lot more students to Lincoln Land’s Ag program.” 

The $7.5 million, 19,750-sqaure-foot building on the east side of campus is expected to be completed in the Spring 2021. The building will be funded by annual distributions from the $18 million Kreher Farm Perpetual Charitable Trust. That money was given by Irene and Charles Kreher, and it will also give LLCC’s agriculture program the chance to offer more scholarships, travel opportunities and better technology for students.

The building is designed to be specific to the needs of Springfield’s very own Ag students. According to Architect James Kemper of Demonica Kemper Architects, this will not be a building you can find anywhere else. 

“Our process is that we talk to students, find out what their needs are,” Kemper said. “This is a building that is specific to Lincoln Land Community College.” 

LLCC Board Chair Wayne Rosenthal commented on the specialties of the new building: “This cutting-edge facility will feature state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories, student gathering spaces and a spacious, glassed-in expo area for Ag simulators”  

Rosenthal continued, “The building will incorporate technology and active learning to prepare students for success in the 21st-century workplace.”  

Charlotte Warren, LLCC president, expressed how proud she is of the Agriculture program and mentions how they are constantly bringing home awards and recognitions. 

 The program was recently voted the best college agriculture program in the Midwest by the National Association of Agricultural Educators. 

“You can see why we’re so proud of our students and our faculty and want to expand their opportunities and give them even better space in which to learn and to operate,” Warren said. “We look forward to further accolades and achievements from our Ag program. With this new facility, we think that the sky is the limit.”  

Skye Kretzinger, a current Ag student, pointed out that today is a major day for those involved in agriculture at LLCC. “This building signifies change and our future of agriculturists. Throughout this new building, students will be learning to become our next agronomist, animal nutritionists, land surveyors and much more; they will be the future of agriculture.” 

Those participating in the groundbreaking were several LLCC Board of Trustee members and student trustee, Aaliyah Kissick. She is excited to be a part of the process, “being student trustee during the breaking of a new building means that I also get to be a part of a continuation of history at Lincoln Land community college”  

Kretzinger expressed her excitement to see where the building takes the agriculture program.

“All great things come with challenges and agriculture is no different, but throughout this building, our students will be able to learn how to face issues head on,” she said. “Thankfully we are pouring more resources and dedication into an already amazing program.”