New head softball coach is “beyond excited” for new season

Rebecca Littrel, Lamp staff

There’s no place like home

Two years here at Lincoln Land wasn’t enough for Rachel Wisner. After playing softball here for two years, she is back and facing some even bigger responsibilities than when she was a student. At just 24, Wisner is the new head softball coach.

Although Wisner is young to be a head coach, she believes it helps her in her coaching journey.

“I believe I am able to connect with the girls as I went through similar circumstances,” Wisner said. “I understand how time-consuming softball and school can be, not to mention jobs and family time on the side.”

Wisner played as a catcher at Lincoln Land for two years before transferring to Tusculum University, a four-year college in eastern Tennessee. After college, she returned as an assistant coach in the Loggers program for one year before taking over the role of head coach.

“I knew Rachel was ready to coach when she played at LLCC. During her time here she was a leader on and off the field,” said former head coach John Marsaglia.

Not only is Wisner a new coach, but she is the only coach for the program right now.

“There is a lot that goes into coaching that people don’t realize,” Wisner said.”The girls have been great about being able to do things on their own in practice, and that really helps me out.”

Sophomore second baseman Shaye Virgin said: “As a player, I have never seen her struggle or be flustered. We are very lucky to have her.”

Wisner said coaching is rewarding on and off the field.

“The best part of coaching is seeing the girls grow and learn new things,” she said. “Being able to see things that we worked on in practice be put into action in games is amazing. The worst part is only having these girls for two years before they have to go on. I was blessed with a great group for my first year as a head coach.”

Players said they have enjoyed learning from the new coach.

“It’s exciting to learn from someone who really isn’t that much older than us. Rachel is doing a great job,” said sophomore Caroline Keller.

Taking over as head coach has been a shift, but everyone is determined and ready for the change.

“I am very positive about this season, and I am beyond excited and ready for the spring season,” Wisner said.