LLCC scholarships: how to apply

Rebecca Littrel, Lamp staff

Each year, $2.9 billion worth of scholarship money goes unclaimed. Scholarships are money that you are given and do not have to pay back, unlike student loans. Here at Lincoln Land, the college’s foundation has scholarships specialized to students and their needs. Applying is easier than many might think.

LLCC has more than 150 scholarships, said Michelle Burger, scholarship program and alumni services coordinator. There is one easy application that will apply one to all eligible scholarships. The application, open Dec. 1 to March 1, is online at

The application takes about 10 to 15 minutes to fill out, Burger said. The average amount received is $1,500. 

While writing an essay about oneself may not be the first thing on a to-do list, it should be. The application requires a personal essay. Telling personal stories is encouraged because the panel wants to hear how students will benefit from the money, even if they need it for things such as rent, food and gas.

If students are still struggling with the essay, the LLCC Writing Center is happy to help with essays as well.

Degree and program-focused scholarships are just one type of scholarship the foundation offers. The foundation also has scholarships for people doing an unpaid internship. It can help students pay for everyday necessities.

Some are location-based, too. Students should check out the list of counties and towns with scholarships for people from those communities. 

These foundation scholarships range from $500 to $8,500, Burger said. 

While unfortunately if students are on athletic or tuition waiver, they are not eligible for the Foundation scholarships, there are thousands of others that are available. See an advisor or Burger with any questions about these or other scholarships!