LLCC Scholarships: winner shares her story

Alicia Blood, Lamp staff

Hannah Anderson, a current student at LLCC, received the Sangamon County High School Principals’ Association Scholarship two years ago. 

“I applied for the financial benefits,” Anderson explained, “Because I did not have the funds to pay for my college education, I figured it would help if I applied for a scholarship.” 

Anderson found herself succeeding and thriving in college thanks to her scholarship. 

“It helped my family out a lot,” Anderson said, “I didn’t even think I’d be able to go to college, but thanks to the opportunity for scholarships, I was finally able to.” 

Though some students rely on Financial Aid to get them through college, some students are not aware that scholarships are available for everyone, said Michelle Burger, scholarship program and alumni services coordinator. Other students think that they are not worthy of scholarships and feel that there are other students who deserve the scholarship more than they do.

Burger said everyone and anyone can apply for scholarships — and everyone should.

The average amount of money given out for Lincoln Land Community College Foundation Scholarships is $1,500, Burger said. Most of the higher amounts go toward careers such as agriculture, culinary and radiography, which require higher tuition.

The Foundation Scholarships range from $500 to $8,500. There were more than 200 students in 2019 while 397 people applied.

Some scholarships are geographically related, meaning a student can get a scholarship based on the district or city they live in.  

Scholarships also support students for reasons not associated with their education, such as food, rent, and gas.