LLCC Honors Program puts the ‘boo’ in BOOtique


Tess Peterson

Looking for costumes can be fun. Pumpkins were among the many options to choose from. The event was held on Saturday Oct. 19, 2019. The families that attended were given free costumes that had been previously donated

Tess Peterson, Assistant Editor

On Saturday, Oct. 19, the A.Lincoln Commons was filled with Halloween costumes instead of students.

This event, called The BOOtique, was presented by the students of the Honors Program and provided free Halloween costumes to families in need.

The goal of The BOOtique “is to give back Halloween costumes to families who can’t afford Halloween costumes because Halloween costumes are kind of expensive, and if a family has more than one child, it’s quite a bit of money buy new costumes every year,” said Jordan Bruder, president of the Honors Club.

The Honors Club distributed donation boxes throughout the community for people to donate costumes. About 30 costumes were collected, and any costumes left over after the BOOtique event will be given to schools in the area such as Matheny Withrow, Bruder said.

Carmen, Carly, and Carter were there with their dad looking for their Halloween costumes. Their Dad learned about The BOOtique from his sister-in-law who goes to school at Lincoln Land.

When asked if they liked the costume, the girls responded that they “love” them.

Alena Nelson came to The BOOtique with her two toddler boys. She found out about the event through Lincoln Land’s website newsletter. Nelson was very excited about the costumes she chose for her boys and loved them because “they match,” she said.

Will Heikes, Olivia Dennison and Bruder, were there to help customers find the perfect Halloween costumes.

They said that the trends this year for the Halloween costumes were princesses for girls and dinosaurs and turtles for boys.

The student workers said it will have been a success if even just one family gets costumes.