Fall formal set November 9th bring excitement to students and clubs


Regina Ivy, Editor-in-Chief

It’s finally fall in Central Illinois, and people are looking for ways to spend the season before the winter weather starts to come through. Several Lincoln Land clubs and organizations are working together create an evening of fun and music that lets all students celebrate fall.

The LLCC Fall Formal will be held 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019, in the school’s Student Union (outside of Quiznos).  

All students need for admission is proof they are a Lincoln Land student and a nonperishable or canned food item to donate. Friend of Lincoln Land students are welcome, but they must be 18 years old and accompanied by an LLCC student, organizers said.

Loggers Activities Board Event Coordinator Rihlee Cochran is excited to be able to collaborate with the other clubs and organizations of the community college to pull this off. 

“This isn’t something that happens very often,” Cochran said. “But doing this provides us with more opportunity and bigger and better things for us to do.” 

LAB is excited to work with Student Government AssociationGay-Straight Alliance, Express Your Seoul, and the MP3 club to put together this event. 

SGA will be responsible for the canned goods. They will be putting together baskets that will go to LLCC students and families in need during the Thanksgiving season. 

“It’s been a tradition that SGA has done for years with very little publicity. We figured we would reach out to the student body for help,” Student Government president Rick Hollinshead said. 

The Gay-Straight Alliance will be helping out with the event. Most of the decorations that people will see at the dance will have been put up by members of this club. 

“Everyone is super excited to do their part,” GSA Vice President Jaylee Travis said. “Even though we’re just helping with decorations, everyone is happy to help in any way they can.”  

Members of the LLCC dance club, Express Your Seoul, are excited to put together a dance to perform during the event.  

 “We will be dancing to a few K-pop songs and one American pop song that is a collaboration between K-pop idols and an American pop star,” said President Adrianna Trader. 

The MP3 club has claimed responsibility for the music being played at the eventOne of the club members, Karran Robinson, has actually stepped up to be the DJ for the entire night. 

“The MP3 club is ecstatic to be a part of this event and hopes that it can be put on every year,” MP3 club president Madison Leek said. “We are so happy that SGA contacted us about the event and were one of the first clubs to be involved. 

When asked about the fall formal, most students still don’t seem to know that it is even happening, but when told about it, students expressed some excitement. 

It’s almost like reliving my high school experience,” LLCC student Jacque Price said. 

Added student Sophie Sweetin: “Other colleges and universities have formals so yeah; it could be fun.”