Haunted Lab excites young scientists

Tess Peterson

Tess Peterson, Assistant Editor

When is the only time you will see more kids in the science labs than LLCC students? The Haunted Lab presented by the Chemistry Club.

The 7th annual Halloween night has a goal to get kids excited about science and learn a little about science at the same time, said Chemistry Professor Jennifer Ramm.

Every half hour, children dressed in costumes filled the LLCC laboratories, while across the hall, they had other hands-on activities and face painting.

Nathan Ifhlenfeldt, a Chemistry Club member, participating in his third Haunted Lab as a Chemistry Club member, said his favorite part of the event is getting to be around the kids and see how excited they all get about science.

Ifhlenfeldt was one of the students working in the hands-on activity room.

In total, more than 125 kids came out to the Haunted Lab.

Ethan, 13, mentioned that he “loves science.” His favorite experiment was the experiment involving bubbles and methane where two chemistry club members competed to see who could make the biggest bubbles. They were giving each other high-fives while their bubbles were on fire.

“Every year we try do some different demonstrations because we have some kids who come back each year,” Ramm said. Each year, the club members learn something new and tweak the event a little to improve it.  This focuses on the kids and makes the event more exciting for returning as well as new young science lovers.

Brianna Skeeters, Chemistry Club president, was also a big part of this year’s Haunted Lab, she partook in the super-saturated solution demonstration. In this experiment, two students compete to see who could build a bigger chemical “tower.”

Skeeters said she loved the experience of putting the event together and getting to work with kids and see how excited they get during each demonstration. This was her second year working on the Haunted Lab.

Molly, 9, who loves science, said that her favorite experiment was the Cheetos explosion finale, partly because her sister did it and also because it was so cool.  Molly and her mom also joked that she thinks that is what could happen to your stomach if you eat too many Cheetos.