Welcome back Loggers!


Regina Ivy, Lamp Editor, 2019-20

Regina Ivy, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to another semester at Lincoln Land! This will be my second and last semester here and I really want to make it count! This semester, we as a staff hope to bring you interesting stories and keep you updated with what’s happening on campus.  

I personally feel that my writing has changed and grown a lot since my first semester, thanks to great mentors like our advisor and the editors before me. This semester, I want to continue working on and perfecting my writing so that I can bring forth journalism that speaks truth and stays transparent. I want to communicate with students and to expand The Lamp’s staff so that we have a news outlet that best reflects Lincoln Land’s diverse student body. 

My goal this semester is for our readers to be able to find our content interesting and relatable. Hopefully, with the use of immersive photography and in-depth reporting, this staff can reach that goal and readers can find a news source that is engaging and specific to Lincoln Land students. 

Last semester we started to run things a little differently up in The Lamp office, we started to focus more on our website and social medias. I thought we stuck to that goal pretty well, however, we definitely could have had even more of an online presence. This is what we will do more of this semester. With only three paper issues this semester we can put more effort into updating our website regularly with content tailored to the interests of us college students. 

I would consider this semester a successful one if I could leave The Lamp knowing that people, especially students, are reading the campus news and find something that they have connected with, whether it is a photo, an article or column. The Lamp should be a platform that students should be able to enjoy the most because it is made by us – the students.