Graduation is upon 2020 LLCC graduates


Regina Ivy

Simon Berhe was a 2019 graduate at LLCC. He particpated in Gradfest, a time for students to celebrate their accomplishments

Regina Ivy, Editor-in-Chief

Graduation is upon us for the 2020 graduates of Lincoln Land. Which means that students must do whatever it takes to walk come this May. The college has an average of 300 students attending commencement. Just this last year LLCC had 1,538 graduates with degrees and certificates!

A student who has finished their time with LLCC is a student that is ready to move on to do bigger things. Most students plan to get their associates and transfer to another institution. Jack Snyder’s says he wants to transfer to UIS to continue his study in economics. Another Lincoln Land student, Austin Mayer, says that he wants to transfer to ISU and continue his education there.

Other students have plans that reach a little further. Jennifer Emerich, an Education student says that she sees herself transferring to Texas Christian University to enter in the institute of child development to make use of their resources so she can be the best help to students with adverse childhood experiences.

To be able to graduate, students must make sure that they have completed all course requirements as stated by the LLCC catalog. All Financial obligations must be paid, and GPA’s must be must at least be at a 2.0.

Commencement will be Friday, May 15 7:50 pm in the BOS Center. All recent graduates are welcome to participate in the ceremony.

Here are some dates to remember as they relate to LLCC graduates:

December 1:  Deadline for graduation application to be considered a Fall graduate

March 1:  Deadline for graduation application for prospective Spring and Summer graduates to be considered for awards. ex: Departmental Honors, Outstanding Graduate etc.

April 15:  Deadline for inclusion in commencement program and news release. Special ordered gowns cannot be accepted after this date; however, students are welcome to purchase gowns in stock.

May 1:  Deadline for graduation application to be considered a Spring graduate

July 15:  Deadline for graduation application to be considered a Summer graduate


To find out more what is needed for graduation, visit Lincoln Land’s website.