Lincoln on display in the A. Lincoln Commons


Regina Ivy

The Illinois Freedom Project is a traveling exhibit that has made its way to LLCC. The Lincoln exhibit aims to share historical stories about freedom from people , places, and events in Illinois. Lincoln, in this photo, is celebrating his birthday with the students of LLCC

LLCC is celebrating Lincoln’s birthday with him. Feb. 12, 2020, is just one of the days the Illinois Freedom Project will be in the A. Lincoln Commons. The exhibit will be there Feb. 11 through Feb. 14.

LLCC Outreach Centers will host Lincoln-themed activities during the week. On Feb. 12, noon to 2 p.m., LLCC-Litchfield will host an exhibit of Lincoln artifacts from the Historical Society of Montgomery County, and author Carol Alexander will be on hand at LLCC-Taylorville to share local Lincoln stories.

Regina Ivy
Lincoln himself came to his namesake community college in the early morning hours Feb. 12, 2020. Students, staff, faculty and guest were invited to take a photo with him and enjoy a sweet treat that would have been made by Mary Todd, according to Lincoln.

LLCC-Jacksonville will hold a presentation from noon to 12:30 p.m. on Lincoln’s impact in Morgan County. Throughout the week, LLCC-Beardstown will feature showings of the movie “Lincoln” and personally guided tours of the Old Lincoln Courtroom and Museum.