Sports to watch during the coronavirus delay


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ryan Scott, Assistant Editor

During the coronavirus lockdown, there are no sporting events going on. So, during that downtime, there are a lot of events from the past that you can watch. These are some of the best events and series in recent history.

First, I would suggest watching game 6 of the 2011 world series. This game was between the Cardinals and Rangers with the Rangers looking to with their first world series ever. On two separate occasions, the Cardinals were down to their final strike on the season and were able to stay alive and went on to win the game and game 7 the next night.

Super Bowl 51 with the Falcons leading the Patriots 28-3 in the late 3rd quarter the Patriots would come back for what is easily the best comeback in Superbowl history. It is also the only Super Bowl to go to overtime.

The Miracle on Ice is one of the greatest comebacks in the history of sports. The United States hockey team with much less experience than the professionals playing for the Soviet Union. They were able to defeat the Soviet Union and shock the United States the Soviet Union and the entire world.

The 2016 NBA finals the Warriors were winning the series up to three games to one and the Cavaliers were able to make the comeback and win the series against the first 73-win team ever.

Game 6 of both the 2013 and 2013 NHL Stanley Cup finals are also great games. Both games came down to the final moments to decide the Stanley Cup champion. The 2010 game went to overtime and in 2013 there were two last-minute goals.

The 2013 NCAA Football Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn with one of the best endings to a game ever. Alabama had a kick to win and missed it the game should have headed to overtime but Auburn caught the ball in the endzone and returned it 109 yards for the win and to ruin Alabama’s championship hopes.

Hopefully, the coronavirus threat can end soon and we can get back to normal life and live sporting events soon.