Binge worthy shows and movies guide


Tess Peterson and Ryan Scott

We are all starting to get bored with “shelter in place” and even miss school our friends and our LLCC campus.  The Lamp thought that some suggestions on entertainment would help pass the time.  Some of our favorites are compiled here.

If you like history or period pieces you should watch…

Outlander, a favorite in my household for a while takes place in different time periods because the lead character Claire Randall, a combat nurse in WWII is mysteriously taken back to 1770s Scotland where she falls in love with a Scottish countryman. One of the reasons that my Mom and I love this show is that throughout the five seasons it moves back and forth between time periods as Claire goes back in time to places and people she loves. If this sounds like something you may like you can binge-watch earlier seasons on Netflix, and then watch the current season on Starz.

The Irishman is another good one if you like history.  Renowned director Martin Scorsese brought Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, and Ray Romano together to tell the story of organized crime in the 1960s and 1970s including the infamous disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.  The story is told through the eyes of Robert De Niro’s character and his rise through the ranks of both organized crime and the Teamsters union.   It is over 3 hours long, so be prepared.

Finally, who doesn’t love shows about the Royals. LOL just me. Well if you are a history lover like me you’ll love The Crown, on Netflix and also the Windsor’s doc series on CNN. I picked both of these shows because The Crown is a more dramatized version of history and the Royals life, while the CNN documentary series is based on actual historical facts with input from historians and biographers who have deep knowledge of history.

If you liked the drama genre you should watch…

The first show I chose for this category is really an all-time favorite of mine. And it’s fitting that that’s it name is All American.  All American started on the CW, and now all seasons are on Netflix. The series is based on real All-American football superstar Spencer James. The show tells the story of how he moved from Crenshaw, California to Beverly Hills to follow his dreams of playing football with a great coach and get a good education too. The plotlines, character development and overall story and message of the show is exceptional and makes this show a must-watch.

Next on the list is Hunters on Amazon Prime. This show is best described as a modern-day Nazi-hunter thriller.  The show brings together world politics and former Nazi scientists who were smuggled into the United States at the end of WWII.  Fast forward to the 1970s where the main character, Al Pacino forms a team of smart misfits to hunt down these former Nazis now living the American dream.  Rumor has it that a second season will follow later this year.

If you like comedy, you should watch…

Now onto the brighter side of my binge-worthy guide, comedy. The first show I have on the list is Modern Family. This is a show most of us grew up watching on ABC and it is now the series last season.  Modern Family is the kind of entertainment that provides a perfect dose of comic relief along with nostalgia, especially during these confusing and challenging times that we are all going through together.

Other shows I think young college students may skip because of study cram sessions, and sleep schedules, are the late-night comedy/talks shows.  When you think about it we have no excuses to miss these fun nightly shows. The host have gotten pretty creative too, with hosts like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, and James Corden now broadcasting their shows from their homes.

Also, comedy fans should check out the Netflix comedian specials some old and some new.  Some of my favorites include Pete Davidson Alive from New York, John Mulaney’s specials (he has many so you could watch just one or all of them), Tiffany Haddish Black Mitvah, and Amy Schumer The Leather Special.

Editors Picks

Regina our editor in chief chose Locke and Key on Netflix.

Ryan my fellow assistant told us he has been re-watching Marvel films.

I believe that Marvel movies are very well written and well-acted movies. Obviously Marvel is the biggest superhero brand ever. He adds another great superhero character to the series that everyone knows. The end of the recent phase 3 that comes down to 2 massive battles between Thanos and the Avengers in Infinity War and Endgame. The end makes all the buildup worth it. This is overall one of the best movie series ever.