Students and faculty debate online vs. remote learning

Odesca Gibbs, Lamp writer

Schools and universities have banded together to offer students the chance of taking their classes in person or online. While this has become the “new normal”, not everyone is as accepting of this change as others. Which do people prefer more? It depends on the person.

Lincoln Land Community College freshman Jayden Burris, a Political Science major, prefers online classes.

“It’s easier with my work schedule,” Burris said. “I feel like in person, it would be more stressful to balance my schooling and work schedule around.  I think online is better personally for me because it keeps me more organized and on track of tasks I need to complete.”

Nokomis Elementary School students have the option to do a hybrid or fully remote schedule.  For student Keegan Kettelkamp, in-person classes are the way to go.

“I like seeing my friends — even if we have to be 6 feet apart at recess and wear masks all day,” said the fifth-grader.

Keegan also prefers being able to work with teachers.

“One thing I’m happy about is my Mom not trying to explain homework to me anymore – it just wasn’t working.”

While students differ in their answers in this debate, they aren’t the only ones. Even faculty debate the topic. Amanda Brooke, a faculty member at  Nokomis Jr/Sr High school, said she likes both.

“I think it depends on the kids,” Brooke said. “Some find it easier to concentrate in person compared to online. I feel that as a member of the faculty and as a parent, it’s hard. We want what’s best for the kids when it comes to their education and safety. In my experience, I find it’s better in person, because I, as a parent, felt I wasn’t giving my child the resources that he needed to do his work.”

Another teacher, Wendy Goodwin of Nokomis Jr/Sr High school, said she prefers in-person class.

“As a teacher, it’s hard to accommodate different schedules of my students when half are remote and the other is in person,” said Goodwin. “I think I prefer in person because I can make sure that my lessons are properly understood by all of my students at the same time.”