During pandemic, Bistro Verde is curbside hit


Richard Bailey, Editor

Many people, much like myself, have tried a lot of restaurants that are out of the norm since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. While I do not have anything against chain eateries, they are often already well-established, and quite frankly, there isn’t much that differentiates one fortune 500 burger than the next.

As you look for some new takeout to sample, I’d suggest heading out to Lincoln Land to enjoy Bistro Verde’s cuisine. LLCC culinary arts students work the restaurant to get the full experience of running a kitchen and business. And the public wins from their class work with some tasty cuisine.

At Bistro Verde, you can place your food online and set a time for curbside pick up or you can pick up at the front entrance of the Workforce Careers Center.

The most difficult part of the experience was choosing what I wanted to have for lunch. There is an assortment of salad, soup, sandwiches, entrees, and even delicious desserts. Each salad and soup order comes with bread and butter.

After much thought, I decided that the ‘Pick 2’ option was going to be my best choice. My eyes immediately were drawn to the description of the Lamb Gyro: Grilled pita, braised lamb, diced tomato, red onion, arugula, feta, and tzatziki. I wasn’t even sure of what ‘tzatziki’ is, but I couldn’t wait to use it in a sentence so I decided that would be pick number 1.

My second choice was the Mojo Pulled Pork Sliders: Smoked mojo pulled pork, sweet & tangy slaw, brioche slider bun. The order came with made from scratch chips. I told myself a few weeks ago that I would cut down on the sweets and baked goods – but I decided to break that pact with myself in the spirit of journalistic integrity. After much thought, I decided that the cheesecake¬†deserved to be my stomach’s temporary tenant.

The website was very easy to navigate. After inputting my payment info (Bistro Verde does NOT accept cash!), my order was sent off, and I received an e-mail confirming that my order had gone through and would be ready at the designated time. When I arrived on campus, signs directed me to the Bistro Verde pick-up area, and a sign on the front door has a phone number posted for a customer to call when they arrive for the order.

First up for me to try was the lamb gyro. The presentation was incredible — especially considering the fact that I had ordered take-out. It’s not often that the presentation on a take-out order is noted, but here we are. It looked so good, it felt like a crime to eat it.

Well, lock me up because that bad boy was delicious. I tell you what; I’m still not sure of what ‘tzatziki’ is, but everything on that sandwich was so good so I vote for it to stick around.

Next up were the Mojo Pulled Pork Sliders. Again, the presentation was so beautiful that I actually took photos of my lunch that day. The pulled pork sandwiches were definitely my favorite part of the meal. The made from scratch sliders alone were worth the 40-minute round-trip drive to campus. I finished things off with the delectable cheesecake (which I ate without an ounce of guilt). The raspberry sauce and side of whipped cream made for the perfect end to a delicious lunch.

Bistro Verde is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays until Nov. 19 so be sure to give them a shot.

If you happen to miss the Nov. 19 deadline but still want to experience one of the best dining experiences in the Springfield area, follow guest Chef Jordan Coffey (formerly of American Harvest) at Luminary Kitchen & Provisions on Facebook. For years, Jordan and Aurora Coffey have brought a warm dining environment, house-made goods, and unique dining opportunities to Springfield. During these tough times, try ordering takeout from local businesses. You’ll be glad you did.