Letter: Checking bill and complaining can save you


Sara Mullen, Letter writer

Recently I was having trouble with my mobile service. Out of frustration, I complained to my mother about paying for service not received.

She said I should see her bill!

I laughed. I have unlimited text, talk, and data, and I own my phone. My monthly payment is about $40.

My mother has no internet, no texting, and also owns her phone. The same flip phone she has had for the last 20 years. I figured her bill would be $25 to $30.

It was twice what mine was — $80!

She’s elderly and on a fixed income. I asked why it was so much. She said that’s what the bill was, so she paid it. I called the phone company to ask them why she spent so much for so little. They said the rate automatically raises unless you complain.

My mother is not the type to complain. She pays what she owes when she owes it.

I felt like they had been taking advantage of her. I know she cannot be the only one in this situation.

I once had a similar issue with a cable company.

Now and again – shop around. See if you can get a better deal. If so, see if your current provider can get you the same agreement. If not, maybe it’s time to break ties and find a new cell phone, internet, or cable provider.

It could save you or someone you love a lot of money.

Sara Mullen