BREAKING NEWS: UIS on hold for two day after positive tests


High number of COVID positve cases cause a pause in classes and activities at UIS

Richard Bailey, Editor

The University of Illinois-Springfield has issued a two-day “pause in activities” after 15 COVID-19 tests came back positive.

The positivity rate for Monday on campus – much like in the greater Springfield community as of late – is higher than normal. The 15 positives were out of 497 tests administered.

The school is canceling all activities and in-person classes for Tuesday and Wednesday. Officials at the school say they hope the move gives them sufficient time to perform contact tracing.

UIS Interim Chancellor Karen Whitney said in a statement that the school, “wanted to jump into overdrive, and not wait the hours it would take to contact tracing of 15 people,” and noted that recent local outbreaks made the recent cases concerning.

The school requires all staff and students to take weekly saliva tests and recommend that they continue to do so unless already feeling symptomatic. In that case, they ask students to contact a UIS physician or their primary care provider.

A full list of the UIS temporary campus changes can be found here.