Local Eats: Boyd’s New Generation


Boyds New Generation is located at 1831 South Grand Avenue East in Springfield.

Richard Bailey, Editor

Many local restaurants have been hit hard by the COVID-19 mitigation guidelines which have severely impacted business. The Coronavirus, which has presented a global health crisis – once forecasted to impact our day to day lives for a few weeks – has now entered its tenth month. With large gatherings still restricted, a new kind of pressure squeezes restaurant owners and employees alike as each day brings with it the possibility of added restrictions.

The unforeseen events have resulted in thousands of jobs in limbo as the infection rate has teeter-tottered for the better — or worse –part of a year. One local restaurant that has taken the pandemic’s challenges in stride is Boyd’s New Generation restaurant. Located at 1831 South Grand Avenue East, the establishment has remained open during the pandemic via the drive-thru window while the dining room remains closed.

Every order is cooked fresh, so there was a short wait as they prepared my Golden Fried Chicken dinner complete with green beans, mashed potatoes, and cornbread. They delivered the food curbside. Local restaurants have a flavor and richness that is hard to find in a franchise establishment. Not taking away from any success found by any of the well-known chain restaurants, but something that is ‘cooked to order’ is going to be kinder to the taste buds than a main course that has taken a cross-country dry ice run.

Boyd’s New Generation restaurant along with Ward 2 Alderman Shawn Gregory and other volunteer’s organized to provide free meals to those in the community who were affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. The action is perfectly in line with the kind of family atmosphere that radiates from the business beneath the bright yellow sign out front.

One of the greatest parts about my order was that it reminded me so much of the kind of dinner I would have with family and fellow church member’s every Sunday – but without the three and a half-hour wait. Boyd’s New Generation is open daily from 730am to 3pm but will be closed on Thanksgiving Day until Monday, Nov. 30.