Covid worries weigh on area high school students


Carmen Dillman

Sacred Heart-Griffin Senior Grace Seck works on her project in Mission Class.

Carmen Dillman, Lamp writer

As the 2021-2022 school year begins, many young adults have concerns as to what this year will look like. Due to the pandemic, many sports and activities were put on hold last year, therefore, many students are worried this may happen again.

Shea Hubbard, , a freshman cheerleader at Sacred Heart-Griffin High School, says one of her biggest fears for this year is not being able to attend games.

Similarly, Ella Faivre, 15, a sophomore cheerleader at SHG, said her biggest fear is having no sports.

While sports are a major part of school, learning is even more so. Molly Tucker, another SHG student, says she is worried about having to go back online for school this year. Many rumors have already begun to spread that this is highly possible considering the rising COVID cases thus far. It has recently been reported that District 186 had already quarantined 1,300 students by the end of August.

Another hot topic right now is the vaccination status of students. COVID-19 release forms and vaccination incentives have already begun to flood students’ inboxes.

Aileen Mannion, a Senior at Springfield High School, shared her opinion on schools requiring vaccination, “I think it’s a good thing. The more people vaccinated, the better.”

However, not all people agree with this push for vaccination. PORTA High School student, Jack Guernsey, feels schools shouldn’t require students to get vaccinated until it is fully approved and tested.

Despite all of these worries, all hope for a more “normal” school year with lots of sports, activities, and fun memories.