Culinary student killed

The Lamp Online Staff

By Teresa Brummett

Online Editor

SPRINGFIELD — Many Lincoln Land student were shocked on the morning of the Jan. 19 to learn a familiar, happy face was gone. Nikki Maxey, who was studying culinary arts at Lincoln Land, died after being stabbed multiple times.

The 31-year-old was studying culinary arts at Lincoln Land.

Her boyfriend, Wesley Carey, has been arrested in connection with the stabbing on Monday, Jan. 18, according to the State Journal-Register.

The SJ-R reported that the 28-year-old Carey was previously arrested after police responded to a call on New Year’s Eve at Maxey’s Pawnee home. Carey pleaded guilty four days later to damage property.

Her 18-month-old son, Asher, was at home at the time of the stabbing.

“She always had a smile on her face and she loved to bake,” said Lisa Brinson, a good friend of Maxey. “She wasn’t a stranger to anyone.”

Maxey had hopes and dreams of owning a bak- ery, where patrons could cakes, cookies and other goodies. Her passion was baking.

“When I saw it on Facebook, I thought it was a joke,” Brinson said. “So after bagging up my things, I headed over to Ms. Klatt’s office. I couldn’t feel my feet as they hit the pavement.

And when I saw Ms. Klatt that’s when I broke down. Still not believing that she was really gone forever.”

Brinson added: “I couldn’t go to pastries class the next day. It was too hard knowing that Nikki wasn’t going to be there.”

Brinson, also a culinary student here at Lincoln Land, spoke of some memories of her.

Brinson and Maxey had gone to look at a building in Pawnee, Brinson said. It was a place Maxey had thought about buying to open her bakery.

“She not only loved cooking, but she loved to bake and collect recipes from me,” Brinson said.

In a recent memory, Brinson said, “One time, she brought me home on New Year’s night, we hit the back roads, and as we were coming up over this hill, we flew like it was a Dukes of Hazzard moment, talk about rush.”

Beyond baking, Maxey also loved cows, baby calves and dogs, specifically pit bulls.

She was an avid pit bull lover. And spoke of one day having one or two of her own.

Maxey had a lot of things planned for her future, but her 18-month-old son, Asher, was her rock in life.

You didn’t have a conversation with her and not talk about her son. He had been one of the reasons why she was always smiling and happy.

A unknown friend commented online: “She was a friend to a friend. A rebel woman. She loved to party and have a good time. She had a special drink that included Mountain Dew and Captain Morgan. I’m go- ing to buy a bottle of Captain Morgan and keep it in her honor here at my home.”

On Saturday, Jan 23, friends and family gathered and celebrated Maxey’s life.

The Curry Funeral Home in Pawnee was packed, and the overflow had to stand outside.

As tears were flowing, there were also fun stories re- membering her. Talking about her fun-loving ways and how if you ever needed anything she would be there.

Along with friends and family there to honor her memory about seven police officers from the Pawnee police department also came to offer their condolences.

Maxey will never be forgotten. Yes, her son will have to grow up without her. But her memories will be there being told through family and friends who vowed to keep in touch with her family.

Let’s remember Maxey as she was. A lovable, good- natured culinary student and friend, who loved her family, friends and lived for her son. Who always had something nice to say with a smile on her face wearing her pink camo.

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